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9 Things You Should Know About Me...

1. I've won two fencing medals - neither one is gold. 

2. Usually when I see a cockroach I kill it, but sometimes I don't. 

3. I have two sisters who inspire me. 

4. I speak Hebrew, English, and enough Spanish to know if you're saying something dirty. 

5. I love cats but I'm allergic. 

6. I'm at my best between the hours of midnight and 3am. 

7. I'm a pessimistic optimist and I think that's very different than being a pessimist. 

8. A film that made me think is "The Lobster". A film that made me feel is "Inside Llewyn Davis."

9. I had a dream once where I was President of the United States, and I didn't like it.  


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Photograph by Nadav Heyman 

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